The Gaskell Journal

The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 9 (1995)

Marianne McLeod Gilchrist

The Shaw Family of Staten Island: Elizabeth Gaskell’s American friends

Mary Waters

Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Wollstonecraft and the Conduct Books: Mrs Gisbon as the product of a conventional eduction in Wives and Daughters

William J Hyde

‘Poor Frederick’ and ‘Poor Peter’: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Fraternal Deviants 

Deborah A Logan 

An Unfit Subject for Fiction’: Elizabeth Gaskell and the Duty of Silence

Marion Shaw

Elizabeth Gaskell, Tennyson and the Fatal Return: Sylvia’s Lovers and Enoch Arden

Wendy Craik

‘Man, Vain Man’ in Susan Ferrier, Margaret Oliphant and Elizabeth Gaskell