The Gaskell Journal

The Gaskell Journal – Volume 29 (2015)

Elizabeth Ludlow and Rebecca Styler
Elizabeth Gaskell and the Short Story: an Introduction

Josie Billington
Reading and Writing Short Fiction: Elizabeth Gaskell and George Eliot

Stephen Severn
The Afterlife of Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Disappearances’: ‘Right at Last’ and ‘The Manchester Marriage’ as Experiments in Detective Fiction

Julia McCord Chavez
Gaskell’s Other Wives and Daughters: Reimagining the Gothic and Anticipating the Sensational in ‘Lois the Witch’ and ‘The Grey Woman’

Kathryn Powell
Engineering Heroes: Revising the Self-Help Narrative in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cousin Phillis

Amanda Ford
‘The Pinafore, the Childish Garment … and Aprons’: Dress and the Representation of Victorian Womanhood in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cousin Phillis


Janine Hatter
Kate Krueger, British Women Writers and the Short Story, 1850-1930: Reclaiming Social Space

Marion Shaw
Lesa Scholl, Emily Morris and Sarina Gruver Moore (eds), Place and Progress in the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell

Carolyn Lambert
Catherine Delafield, Serialization and the Novel in Mid-Victorian Magazines
Helena Ifill
Nadine Boehm-Schnitker and Susanne Gruss (eds), Neo-Victorian Literature and Culture: Immersions and Revisitations

Helena Ifill
Emma Liggins, Odd Women? Spinsters, Lesbians and Widows in British Women’s Fiction, 1850s – 1930s