The Gaskell Journal

The Gaskell Journal – Volume 24 (2010)

Fran Baker
‘Intimate and Trusted Correspondents: the Gaskells, Greens and Jamisons’

Angus Easson
‘We Have All of Us One Human Heart’: Elizabeth Gaskell and William Wordsworth

Emma Karin Brandin
Domestic Performance and Comedy in Cranford and Wives and Daughters

Tomoko Kanda
Labour Disputes and the City: Manchester and Milton-Northern

Malcolm Pittock
Hood for Boz in ‘Our Society at Cranford

Carolyn Lambert
Cross-dressing and Interpretations of Gender in Cranford and ‘The Grey Woman’

Deborah Denenholz Morse
Haunting Memories of the English Civil War in Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Morton Hall’ and ‘Lois the Witch’

Victoria Williams
Gaskell as Scheherazade: Fairytale themes in Cousin Phillis and North and South

Aya Yatsugi
Gaskell’s Historical Novels: Reactions to the Period