The Gaskell Journal

The Gaskell Journal – Volume 25 (2011)

Andrew Mauder
Mary Barton Goes to London: Elizabeth Gaskell, Stage Adaptation and Working Class Audiences

Barbara Hardy
Two Women: Some Forms of Feeling in North and South

Maria Cano Lopez
This is a Feminist Novel: The Paradox of Female Passivity in Ruth

Loretta Miles Tollefson
Controlled Transgression: Ruth’s Death and Unitarian Concept of Sin

Jennifer M. Stolpa Flatt
Parallel Ministries: Ruth and Benson’s Pastoral work

Joanne Shattock
Elizabeth Gaskell and Her Readers: From Howitt’s Journal to The Cornhill

Anna Koustinoudi
The Febrile ‘I’/Eye: Illness as Narrative Technique in ‘Six Weeks at Heppenheim’

A.J. Larner
A Habit of Headaches: The Neurological Case of Elizabeth Gaskell

Alan Shelston
From Cranford to the Conspirators of Naples: Gaskell and the Secret Society of the Camorra