The Gaskell Journal

The Gaskell Journal – Volume 37 (2023)

Erin Temple
‘Closing the Gap’ between Gaskell and Austen on Screen

Kathleen Gentle
Gaslighting and Mental Cruelty in Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘The Grey Woman’

Bonnie Liu
Comparing Temporalities in The Life of Charlotte Brontë and Ancient Melodies: Conflicted Self-Image in British and Chinese Women’s Life Writings


Jolene Zigarovich
Cathrine O. Frank, Character, Writing, and Reputation in Victorian Law and Literature. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021.

Leanne Stokoe
Albert D. Pionke, Victorian Fictions of Middle-Class Status: Forms of Absence in the Age of Reform. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2022.

Tristan Burke
Angharad Eyre, Women’s Writing and Mission in the Nineteenth Century: Jane Eyre’s Missionary Sisters. London: Routledge, 2023.