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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 3 (1989)

Arthur Pollard
Faith and Family: Fundamental Values in Mary Barton

Michael Wheeler
Two Tales of Manchester Life

Edgar Wright
My Lady Ludlow: Forms of Social Change and Forms of Fiction

John Hodgson
A Gaskell Collection at Canterbury

Allan Shelston
Elizabeth Gaskell’s Manchester

Wendy Craik
Lore and Learning in Cousin Phillis


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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 4 (1990)

J. A. V. Chapple
Before ‘Crutches and Changed Feelings’: Five Early Letters by Elizabeth Gaskell (née Stevenson)

Jo Pryke
The Treatment of Political Economy in North and South

Anna Unsworth
Some Social Themes in Wives and Daughters: Education, Science and Heredity

Peter Skrine
Fanny Lewald and Mrs Gaskell

Mary Thwaite
Elizabeth Gaskell and Italy

Angus Easson
The Sentiment of Feelings: Emotions and Objects in Elizabeth Gaskell

Margaret Smith
Mrs Gaskell as a Humourist

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