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The Gaskell Journal – Volume 27 (2013)

Jim Cheshire and Michael Crick-Smith
Taste and Morality at Plymouth Grove: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Home and its Decoration

Ann Brooks
Understanding Elizabeth Gaskell’s Garden and its History

Irene Wiltshire
What The Gaskell’s Did Next:Life after Mother

Rebecca Styler
Elizabeth Gaskell and the Madonna: Metaphors of the Maternal Divine

Steven Mollmann
Observing Observation: The Ethical Investigator in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters

Kathleen Anderson and Kelsey Satalin
Confrontation and Social Change in North and South

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The Gaskell Journal – Volume 28 (2014)

Christie Allen
Trauma in the ‘Tea-Cup Drama’: Cranford on the World War II Home Front

Meghan Healy
Weak-Willed Lovers and Deformed Manliness: Masculinities in The Scarlet Letter and Ruth

Michele Cohen
A Mother’s Dilemma: Where Best to Educate a Daughter, at Home or at a School?

Philip Morey
Fiction Illuminated by Reportage: Mary Barton and Leon Faucher’s Etudes sur L’Angleterre

Richard Leahy
Fire and Reverie: Domestic Light and the Individual in Cranford and Mary Barton


Rosemary Kolich
‘In the Language of the Bible’: Scripture as Subtext in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Letters

John Greenwood
‘Our Happy Days in Rome’: The Gaskell-Norton Correspondence

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