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The Gaskell Society Journal  – Volume 21 (2007)

Nils Clausson
Romancing Manchester: Class, Gender and the Conflicting Genres of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South

Kamilla Elliott
The Romance of Politics and the Politics of Romance in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton

Caroline P. Huber
‘Heroic Pioneers’: The Ladies of Cranford

Lacy L. Lynch and Susan E. Colón
A Weakness, a Sin, or a Mind Diseased: A New Assessment of Cynthia Kirkpatrick

Graham Handley
‘A Dark Night’s Work’ Reconsidered

Rebecca Styler
‘Lois the Witch’: A Unitarian Tale

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The Gaskell Journal – Volume 22 (2008)

Mary Jeanette Moran
‘A Word or Two Here about Myself’: Narrating Subjectivity and Feminist Ethics in Cranford

Lindsy Lawrence
Gender Play ‘At Our Social Table’: The New Domesticity in The Cornhill and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters

John Beer
Elizabeth Gaskell’s Legacy from Romanticism

Alan Shelston
Education in the Life and Work of Elizabeth Gaskell

Carol A. Bock
Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Useful’ Relatives: Katharine and Anthony Todd Thomson and the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Michael F. Dixon
‘A Very Nice American’ – Gaskell’s Enigmatic Mr Collier

Robert Poole
‘A Poor Man I Know’: Samuel Bamford and the Making of Mary Barton

Tatsuhiro Ohno
Statistical Analysis of the Structure of North and South: in the Quest for the Standard Interpretation

Rebecca White
‘A Joke Spoken in a Rather Sad Tone’: Cranford, Humour, and Heidi Thomas’s Television Adaptation

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