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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 17 (2003)

Liam Corley
The Imperial Addiction of Mary Barton

Louise Henson
History, Science and Social Change: Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Evolutionary’ Narratives

Lorna Huett
Commodity and Collectivity: Cranford in the Context of Household Words

Mitsuharu Matsuoka
Gaskell’s Strategies of Silence in ‘The Half Brothers’

Tonya Moutray McArthur
Unwed orders: Religious Communities for Women in the Works of Elizabeth Gaskell

Alan Shelston
From Cranford to The Country of the Pointed Firs: Elizabeth Gaskell’s American Publication and the Work of Sarah Orne Jewett

Larry K. Uffelman
From ‘Martha Preston’ to ‘Half a Life-Time Ago’: Elizabeth Gaskell Rewrites a Story

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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 18 (2004)

Christine Alexander
Elizabeth Gaskell and Victorian Juvenilia

Tatsuhiro Ohno
The Structure of Ruth: Is the Heroine’s Martyrdom Inconsistent with the Plot?

Marion Shaw
Sylvia’s Lovers, Then and Now

Jennifer Stolpa
What’s in a name? Echoes of Biblical Women in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Ruth

Benjamine Toussaint-Thiriet
‘The Heart of John Middleton’: a Pilgrim’s Progress Towards a New, Feminized Christianity

Dick Watson
Heroes and heroines and Sylvia’s Lovers

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