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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 15 (2001)

Kay Millard
The Religion of Elizabeth Gaskell

Tatsuhiro Onho
Is Mary Barton an Industrial Novel?

Larry K. Uffelman
From Serial to Novel: Elizabeth Gaskell Assembles Round the Sofa

Frances Twinn
Navigational Pitfalls and Topographical Constraints in Sylvia’s Lovers

Alan Shelston
Alligators Infesting the Stream: Elizabeth Gaskell and the USA

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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 16 (2002)

Ian Campbell
Seen in Passing?

Mary Debrabant
Birds, Bees and Darwinian Survival Strategies in Wives and Daughters

Louise Henson
The ‘Condition of England’ Debate and the ‘Natural History of Man’: An Important Scientific Context for the Social-Problem Fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell

Jo Pryke
The View from America: Annette Hopkins and Elizabeth Gaskell

Valerie Sanders
Harriet Martineau and Elizabeth Gaskell

Shu Chuan Yan
Geography and Working Class Women in Mary Barton and Sylvia’s Lovers

Anita C. Wilson
Elizabeth Gaskell’s Subversive Icon: Motherhood and Childhood in Ruth

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