The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 1 (1987)

J. A. V. Chapple
William Stevenson and Elizabeth Gaskell

Thomas Recchio
Cranford and the ‘Lawe of Kynde’

P. M. Yarrow
The Chronology of Cranford

Barbara Brill
My Year Mr. Norton

Francesco Marroni
Gaskell Studies in Italy

Bill Ruddick
George Du Maurier: Illustrator and Interpreter of Mrs. Gaskell

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The Gaskell Society Journal – Volume 2 (1988)

Jane Spencer
Mary Barton and Thomas Carlyle

Wendy Craik
Lore, Learning and Wisdom: Workers and Education in Mary Barton and North and South

Enid Duthie
Echoes of the French Revolution in the Work of Elizabeth Gaskell

Alan Shelston
The Moorland Cottage: Elizabeth Gaskell and Myles Birket Foster

Christine Lingard
The Gaskell Collection in Manchester Central Library

Thomas Recchio
The Pinkerton and the Jenkyns Sisters: A Literary Source for Cranford

Patsy Stoneman
Elizabeth Gaskell and ‘Maternal Thinking’

Volumes 3 & 4>